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What Needs Done

Hey Everyone!
If you are just joining this wiki (There seem to be alot of you recently!) here is how you can help.
Currently, I am transferring over the moster pages from the other wiki. I would like to do this myself to keep all the formatting the same and so as not to lose my place.
SeraiDesu has been doing a wonderful job working on Encyclopedia pages for each of the games. Links to each monster still need to be added (and checked to make sure they are correct) as they become available. Please ask him/her if you have any questions.
Black Soulstone has been working hard on the anime side of the wiki by putting together the tv show synopses. Grammar and readability need to be checked on these to make sure they read like a book, so feel free to add comments or ask if there is confusion about something you read. Feel free to speculate about things in the "Comments" section of each page, because we may be able to add it.
A HUGE thanks to Chimera-gui who has been helping with the merge effort. He pops by occasionally to help out with whatever needs doing (many times technical support). Eventually I'd like to get to a point where pages are pretty complete and we can begin Locking them into place so that they won't be edited anymore. This will prevent spam.
[1] has been working on the monster etymologies which has been a big help. If you can check out the way that it has been restructured on the Abyss pages, you'll see how I believe it will look best on the future edits as you add it to the other monster pages. Keep up the great work!
Of course, none of this wouldn't be possible if it weren't for the initiative taken by HolyHeaven. Thank you so much for starting this! Monster Rancher Fans in the US will love you for it.
The main thing that is needed right now are QUALITY pictures for the monster pages (Especially from Monster Farm DS, Monster Rancher Advance/Advance 2, and Monster Rancher EVO. If you have the ability to get these, please message me!
Another thing that can be done would be to start putting together pages for the Items. If you check out  and look at the way the pages are formatted, you can probably start adding some more. Please try to use links for important words to other pages, and try not to be redundant. Do not be upset if someone else comes by eventually to tweak the edits a little bit to make it more coherent.
With that all in mind, thank you all for your continued help on this project as we begin 2016!
Dan Zhano McGary (talk) 08:16, January 2, 2016 (UTC)
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