AGIMA symbol
was the third battle organization to be created, and mostly centers on the continent that is now split into Australia and India. AGIMA stands for the Age Island Monster Association and is known to be far more independant and more laid back than the other Monster Associations. Their head chairman is Mr. Mardoc.

Later, AGIMA, FIMBA, and IMa worked together to create a school where all of the organizations could intermingle and learn from each other, called the Elives School. The games that include AGIMA are: Monster Rancher Advance, Monster Rancher Advance 2, and Monster Rancher 4.

AGIMA is the most recently-formed organization. Perhaps because of this, it is the most experimental of the groups. AGIMA makes the most use of the newest technologies, and are well-known to have more advanced medical procedures than other organizations.
-"Regarding AGIMA" MR4


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