Age Island is the smallest of the seven new continents created when Pangaea separated, and it includes the tiny northern island of Borna. It rests south of the equator, which is why most of the island has a temperate climate, but the tops of the Malkt Mountains still have snowcaps.

Age Island, like many of the other continents, is home to its own monster association (AGIMA), which is in fact the newest of all of them. It has been known for some of its unique monsters, such as Garus and the famous Irassie. Its stone quarry seems to have a strange connection with the Doodle species as well.

Age has some of the best vacation spots in the land, and is known to have an easygoing population and a strong economy, although its historical relevance is relatively new compared to Bubalook and the other continents. The game play from Monster Rancher Advance, Monster Rancher Advance 2, and some of Monster Rancher 4 takes place here.






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