Role Hero

Card Breeder

Origin Monster Rancher Battle Card
Home Aurora
Game(s) Monster Rancher Battle Card

Monster Rancher Explorer

Alf is the male playable character in Monster Rancher Battle Card, but if you choose to play as a girl he is one of her childhood friends. They both become card breeders on the same day, and he challenges her to see who can get all of the cards first. Later, he helps you retrieve the Golem card from Chunk and Raun when they steal it from the Descendant, and also tips you off that whoever stole the disc from the Shrine may be hiding in the Rihet Ruins.

Alf also shows up during the ending credits of Monster Rancher Explorer. Cox is telling the young boy about his past adventures at the White Tower, and Alf makes him promise to take him there once he is older.

Alf has dark hair and wears a blue and white striped hoodie.