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Origin Episode 04: Eternal Worm
Home Allan's Treehouse
Episode(s) Episode 04: Eternal Worm

Episode 47: Tears

Episode 59: Allan's Advice

Allan is a young human boy with a Worm as his monster partner who lives in a treehouse where the Morx Forest becomes the Tagi Jungle.

Season 1Edit

When the Searchers first meet Allan he wants to join Moo and agrees to help the Seed Sisters capture Genki's team until they double-cross him and kill his Worm. After switching sides and helping Genki defeat the evil Weed, he decides that Moo's way is not the right way, and the Searchers give him a mystery disc that they found, allowing him to unlock a new baby Worm.

Season 2Edit

Allan is briefly seen aboard Captain Horn's pirate ship, helping him defeat Moo's baddie in Episode 47. Pixie mentions that he and several other friends that the Searchers met along the journey are fighting on their side.

Season 3Edit

Allan makes one last appearance in Episode 59 where he, his young Worm and old resurrected Worm gather mystery discs in the countryside to unlock and find good homes for. Genki runs into him in the Parepare Jungle.


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