Ancra Ruins 1
Ancra Island
is a small desert island that split off of the southern portion of Aurora Island. It has a wealth of minerals and natural resources, and its lack of a population made it an easy target for Moo when he began his invasion of Pangaea.

In the anime series, this is the island on which Pixie has her domain. It is also here where the Pirate Dragons have their lair, and where The Searchers meet Monol.

Ancra Island is mostly known for the Ancra Ruins located in the desert there, and for being surrounded by Heaven's Canyon, which serves as the divide between it and the rest of Aurora Island. The only main cities on the island are North Town in the northwest, and a port town on the southern shoreline where the island meets the Torble Sea. Because of its dry climate and lack of population, many breeds of Dragon make their homes on the southern region of the island, including the Pirate Dragons.

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