Ant Mew MR4
Ant Mew / Mewnos

A blue breed of doll monster that actually looks like a human, but it wears a blue face mask that has a golden boomerang on top that it can use as a weapon. Most people have never seen its true face. It was eventually renamed, although its design stays exactly the same.

Etymology Edit

Originally named

Later named because it looks like an ant.


Game Name Description Image
Monster Rancher 4 AntMew "Its blue face is actually just a mask (a hero of justice never shows his true face!). Its fervor impresses all it meets, but it never can quite pull off the look."
Monster Rancher Advance Mewnos N/A Ant Mew MRA


  • To obtain an AntMew in Monster Rancher 4, use
  • To obtain a Mewnos in Monster Rancher Advance, use the password (space)ow.


For more pictures and screenshots of Ant Mew, click here.

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