Anyamu is a monster introduced in Monster Farm Lagoon. They are bipedal cats with braided cords around their necks, and the resemblance to both the Mew species and its old name, "Nya" (aNYAmu) seems to indicate that it is somehow related. Perhaps the Mew doll is modeled after this living monster? It has been proposed that Toro, a cat that appears as a non-playable helper in Monster Rancher EVO, is a type of Anyamu.

It's unknown what the bubbles on the ends of its cords do, but they might help in its attack or even hold its anima.

Etymology Edit


Game Description Image
Monster Farm Lagoon

"The mascot of Monster Farm Lagoon. It can only be revived from a disc available at an event."

Color Variants: Black, Blue, Gray, Yellow.



  • To obtain an Anyamu in Monster Farm Lagoon, use


See here for a complete list of Anyamu Techniques.


For more pictures and screenshots of Anyamu, click here.

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