Apes are monsters that resemble a stereotypical large ape. Their faces bear a resemblance to that of a baboon's, and their body to that of a gorilla's, though they have a tail (which is usually holding a banana). They appear in Monster Rancher 1, Monster Rancher 2, and Monster Rancher 3 (as a non-playable character). Monster Rancher 4's Ape monster resembles the apes from the game Ape Escape.

Apes are lazy and fairly difficult monsters to raise; they are, however, quite strong and have good life and defense stats. Offensively, they fight with a great many strange attacks that include disgusting bodily functions (such as farting or nose picking) in addition to slapping and bananas.


So-named because it looks like an ape. Its Japanese name is Rauu (ラウー).


Game Name Description Image
Monster Rancher 1


"You'll need a lot of patience to raise this monster." Ape MR1
Monster Rancher 2


"There are many legends regarding this one's laziness." Ape MR2
Monster Rancher 3 "Lord" Monster A non-playable breed of Ape helps you learn techniques in the Kalaragi Rainforest. ApeLord
Monster Rancher 4 N/A No basic breed of Ape exists in this game, but several ??? sub-breeds exist. Pipo Ape
Collector's Cards Ape "A monster that was just born to be lazy. As a matter of fact, his laziness has become a bit of a legend in this part of the world."
Anime Series Ape For the characters, see Apes (Anime).


  • To obtain an Ape in Monster Rancher 1, raise your monster's Intelligence over 600. On July 2, Mr. Karnab will invite you to explore the Hartville ruins with him. Search either the pyramid in the NE corner or the giant shrine in the NW corner for the Magic Banana. Once you have it, raise two separate monsters until they have the "Spoiled" trait (usually by giving them whatever they want to eat and letting them rest all month), and combine them with the item for Ape. All ??? Apes will now be unlocked as well.
  • To obtain an Ape in Monster Rancher 2, use the CD Amy Grant - Lead Me On or the PS1 game War Games: Defcon 1.


See here for a complete list of Ape Techniques.


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