Arrowheads are a crustacean monster breed that largely resemble lobsters with a prominent tri-pointed head and scorpion-like tail. Arrowheads have only appeared in three of the videogames, but did make several cameo appearances in the Monster Rancher anime series. They can usually be raised from the start of the games and are a good choice for beginners because of their high defense and life stats.

Even though they live in water, Arrowheads have no water techniques. Most involve blows from their claws and stings from their tails. Depending on the type of Arrowhead, the stings can be paralyzing or even fatal. For this reason, Arrowheads are considered poison-type monsters instead of water-types.

Murals of Arrowheads can be seen on the walls inside the White Tower in Monster Rancher Explorer.


An arrowhead (アローヘッド) is the sharp pointed tip tied on the end of an arrow, often made of stone or bone. This monster's head has the same pointed shape. Most of their family names come from primitive Egyptian or Mesopotamian legends.


Game Name Description Image
Monster Rancher 2 Arrow Head "Since it has a very hard shell, it is hardly ever KO'd in battle." Arrowhead MR2
Monster Rancher Advance Arrow Head N/A Arrowhead MRA
Monster Rancher Advance 2 Arrowhead N/A ArrowheadAdv2
Collector's Cards Arrow Head "A monster with a very sharp head, a hard shell, and two sharps claws on its hands." Arrow Head Card
Anime Series Arrowhead For the characters, see Arrowhead Troops.


  • To obtain an Arrow Head in Monster Rancher 2, use the CDs Rugrats: The Movie Soundtrack, Pink Floyd - Division Bell or Harry Connick, Jr. - 25. Also sold during summer months in the Ryuwn Marketplace.
  • To obtain an Arrow Head in Monster Rancher Advance, use the password Rons.
  • To obtain an Arrowhead in Monster Rancher Advance 2, use the password Love, but only after receiving the 2nd stable upgrade from Bint.


See here for a complete list of Arrowhead Techniques.


For more pictures and screenshots of Arrowhead, click here.

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