Asunaro is the tree-top village of the Color Pandoras, seen in Episode 28 of the anime series. Although it now rests within the branches of the Trigonon Forest on the Northern Continent, at one time it was a thriving city, as well as the location of the Asunaro Cup in Monster Rancher 3 (part of the primeval Morx Forest).

All of the Color Pandoras live in small huts built into the trunks of trees. Most are created from branches and bamboo, with thatched leaf roofs. Many parts of the village are booby-trapped with nets, false walls, falling spikes, sticky Tonburi sap, and other surprises to keep out the Baddie. They also have a nearby Shrine that holds the discs of young Color Pandoras, and a large arena surrounded by a banister used for battles.


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