Besides dealing out a certain level of Damage, there are special effects that some Techniques can have on your opponent in battle. Here is a list:

  • Dodge (also called Caution or Speed Up in some games): Means the monster may be able to dodge an attack from the opponent because its Speed is momentarily raised.
  • Block: (also called Barrier or Guard Up in some games): Means the monster takes reduced damage from the opponent because its Defense is momentarily raised.
  • Suicide (also called Self-Destruct in some games): Means the monster will do alot of damage to the opponent, but will recieve a bit of damage itself. Sometimes this is coupled with a Block attack to take down the amount of damage the attacking monster recieves.
  • Volt Shock (also called Stun in some games): Means that the monster's strength will be weakened for a short amount of time. Generally an effect caused by electrical attacks.
  • Palsy (also called Slow in some games): Means that the monster will be temporarily paralyzed, making it unable to defend.
  • Confuse (also called Wince in some games): Means that the monster will be temporarily confused, making it unable to attack. In some games this just means that they have to use more Guts to attack.
  • Addled (also called Dizzy in some games): Means that the monster is temporarily disoriented and may not have very good accuracy, so their attacks will be easier to dodge or block.
  • Stagger (called Withering in Monster Rancher 2): Takes away a large ammount of Guts from the target. Most moves do take away Guts as well, but these moves are specifically designed to do so.
  • Critical (called Sharp in Monster Rancher 2): An attack whose damage is worth more than twice the amount of the opposing monster's Defense. If a monster does two Critical hits in a row, the battle will end immediately.
  • Despair (Monster Rancher 3 only): The effected monster will fail in their attack.
  • Heal: Adds Life back to the monster or team's overall life bar.
  • Curse: Means that the monster's Guts regeneration will slow down considerably until it wears off.
  • Poison: Means that the monster will lose 1% of their present (not total) Life each turn until it wears off.
  • Real: Raises all of the monster's stats, but once it wears off it lowers all of them.
  • Maximize (Monster Rancher 4 only):
  • Weakness (Monster Rancher 4 only): Means the monster takes reduced damage from the opponent because its Power is momentarily lowered (much like Volt-Shock, but not electrical).
  • Fear (Monster Rancher 4 only): Forces opponent to move backward.
  • Anger (Monster Rancher 4 only): Forces opponent to move forward until within Close range.
  • Paralysis: Reduces the effected monster's Speed temporarily.
  • Hit Up: Raises the monster's Accuracy for a short time.
  • Power Up: Raises the monster's Power for a short time.
  • Quick: Increases the speed of movement from range to range.

All effects are listed with specific techniques HERE.

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