Battle Rocks
Battle Rocks / War Rocks

An especially armored breed of Golem who started out with a stone body shaped to look like spiked armor. Eventually, it was redesigned with actual steel armor that more resembles the Durahan, and it was briefly renamed War Rocks for Monster Rancher Advance because of the character limit on names.

Etymology Edit

Both of its names indicate its love for battle and the fact that it is comprised of rocks like many Golem breeds.


Game Name Description Image
Monster Rancher 2 Battle Rocks "It is said that a giant's armor turned into this monster." Battle Rocks MR2
Monster Rancher 4 BattleRocks "With its finely-honed body of steel, Battle Rocks just loves doing battle! It won't fight an opponent unless it's equally matched; It hates picking on the weak!." Battle Rocks MR4
Monster Rancher EVO Battle Rocks "The Battle Rocks with its iron body loves nothing more than battle. But it only takes on opponents who are equal to or stronger than itself in combat, because it hates to bully the weak." Battle Rocks MREvo
Monster Rancher Advance War Rocks N/A Battle Rocks MRA
Monster Farm DS Battle Rocks Battle Rocks MFDS
Monster Rancher DS Battle Rocks "Battle Rocks is in excellent physical condition, and loves nothing more than a good fight! But it only fights against those of equal or greater strength, and despises those who bully the weak." Battle Rocks MRDS
My Monster Rancher Battle Rocks "With a superior physique and a battle-oriented personality inherited from both parent species, this monster sees victory in black and white terms and can be quite belligerent." Battle Rocks MMR
Anime Series Battle Rocks For the character, see Battle Rocks (Anime).


  • To obtain a Battle Rocks in Monster Rancher 2, use
  • To obtain a BattleRocks in Monster Rancher 4, use
  • To obtain a Battle Rocks in Monster Rancher EVO, use
  • To obtain a War Rocks in Monster Rancher Advance, use the password Sharp!
  • To obtain a Battle Rocks in Monster Farm DS, use
  • To obtain a Battle Rocks in Monster Rancher DS, combine a Golem (main) and a Durahan (sub).
  • To obtain a Battle Rocks in My Monster Rancher, use


For more pictures and screenshots of Battle Rocks, click here.

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