The Big Bad Four
Big Bad Four
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The Big Bad Four are Moo's four top generals who report directly to him during his takeover of Pangaea. In the Japanese dub, they are known as the Four Heavenly Kings. They are as follows:


Pixie's home base is in a castle on Ancra Island, from which Moo intends her to take over Bubalook and Aurora Islands. She is the only one of the four to defect to the good side and also the only one that does not die throughout the series.


Gali's lavish palace lies disguised somewhere in the Takrama Desert on the Northern Continent, and his domain covers the most of Rema. His troops patrol not only the jungles and forests but also the deserts and the waters surrounding the landmass. Gali has the most diversity in attacks of the four.

Gray Wolf

Gray Wolf rules from a large ice cave positioned at the base of Mt. Salem, halfway up the Northern Continent. His troops are responsible for the mountain regions in that area, and in order to keep control they run regular raids on villages, destroying everything and leaving only weak survivors. Gray Wolf is the only member of the four to have been brainwashed into joining the baddies. He is also the fastest and most agile.


Naga's fortress is built atop a steep grade in the Papas Alps to ensure he can keep a close watch on the surrounding area. From this vantage point Moo uses his forces to subdue the Nettle Kingdom and most of Brillia. Naga is the highest ranked of the four and the most physically powerful, mature and serious. His minions are also the most experienced and most powerful.


  • While he was not included in the "Big Bad Four," General Durahan was known to also be one of Moo's top baddies, and was responsible for the takeover of the entire Eastern Continent.