Big Blue
Big Blue (Anime)
Role Baddie


Origin Episode 10: The Ruins' Secret
Home Pixie's Castle
Episode(s) Episode 10: The Ruins' Secret

Episode 11: Pixie's Defeat

Episode 14: Holly's Rescue

Episode 20: My Name is Pixie

Episode 31: Amusement Park Ruins

Episode 47: Tears

This is about the anime character. For the monster itself, see Big Blue.

Big Blue is Pixie's powerful bodyguard and lieutenant. It is unclear what their personal relationship is exactly, but it is clear that they trust each other without question. In the Filipino Dub, he was renamed Blue Mountain. Big Blue appears as a blue-colored Golem with snow designs and his build is the same as Golem's.

Season 1Edit

Big Blue serves as Pixie's bodyguard and lieutenant and is very loyal to Pixie. He also develops a rivalry with Golem when they physically fought each other by strength. Big Blue also saves Pixie from being crushed. He and Pixie became anti-hero allies to Genki and his friends as the series' progresses.

Season 2Edit

Big Blue temporarily sides with Holly and the others when both Genki and Pixie are separated from them.

Later in Episode 47, Big Blue also aids Genki and the others to fight Master Moo's true form until they rescue Pixie when his weaker form goes out of control from its true form. As Pixie is in a near-death state due to her wings are cut off from Moo's claws, Big Blue finally decided to volunteer to give his life with Pixie by fusing with her much to everyone's chagrin and he insisted to fuse with her. Big Blue is later ceased to exist when he finally fuses with Pixie to be reborn as Granity.

Genki and the others also tells Granity about Big Blue's sacrifice causing her to cry as the Moo's insignia on her chest finally broken into pieces knowing that both of their hearts fought their inner darkness.

Season 3Edit

Big Blue reappears as a spirit in Granity's subconscious when Granity was under control by Metalner. He only tells her not to give up, which causes Granity to regain her strong will to remove Metalner from controlling her mind.


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