Black Dino Troops
Black Dino Troops
Role Villains
Origin Episode 01: In the Beginning
Home Aurora Island
Ancra Island
Episode(s) Episode 01: In the Beginning
Episode 02: I'm Mocchi!

This is about the anime characters. For the monster itself, see Black Rex.

The Black Dinos are large, strong baddies used to do much of the grunt work on Aurora Island because of their obvious lack of intelligence.

Season 1Edit

The Black Dinos chase Holly and Suezo to the Secai Ruins in pursuit of a mystery disc that Holly found. After she unlocks the disc and summons Genki, the Dinos continue their pursuit and chase them into the Morx Forest. For the next two days, Captain Black Dino and his troops look for them, even roughing up the cook at a restaurant in Poannka when they find out the team has been there.

Later they nearly capture Mocchi, but the whole troop falls over a cliff and into the river rapids below, presumably dying at the bottom.

Several other Black Dinos are seen working for Pixie. A set of them pulls her chariot.