Black Dino
Black Rex

A dark breed of Dino that starts out jet black with bright red eyes, but is changed slightly for the anime series to include silver scales and a grey underbelly.

The Black Dinos and their captain are some of the most common Dinos in the anime series. They are often used as foot soldiers in Moo's army. They are also the first group of baddies that Genki meets after coming to Pangaea.

Etymology Edit

So-named for its black color. The name Rex is a suffix that denotes its similarity to Tyrannosaurus Rex.


Game Name Description Image
Monster Rancher 1 Black Rex "Above average in all areas. Doesn't trust anyone, though." Black Dino MR1
Anime Series Black Dino For the characters, see Black Dino Troops.


  • To obtain a Black Rex in Monster Rancher 1, use

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