Blixy Klingy MR4
Blixy Klingy

A furry pink breed of Pancho that lives inside a bright pink LED ball that blinks neon letters like a tv screen. It is exclusive to Monster Rancher 4, but the name was later transferred to the pirate-like Pancho/Ducken mix which looks nothing like this monster.


This monster's design is a reference to the Cooler Kids, a music group from Brooklyn, New York that created 2 original songs for the Monster Rancher 4 soundtrack.


Game Description Image
Monster Rancher 4 "Using infrasonic math, disc jockey Kaz Gamble and singer Sisely Treasure decomposed sound into its most elementary frequencies, creating this stylish and trendy monster."


  • To obtain a Blixy Klingy in Monster Rancher 4, use

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