Bossy (Anime)
Role Shaman
Origin Episode 30: Baby Bossy
Home Kalaragi Rainforest
Episode(s) Episode 30: Baby Bossy

This is about the anime character. For the monster itself, see Bossy.

The Bossy seen in the anime series is only a baby, but is revered by several tribes of Apes as a shaman because of its Gali bloodline.

Season 2Edit

The Searchers help stop a battle from escalating between the Ape tribe and the Rock Ape tribe over a baby Bossy that is unlocked at a sacred shrine in the Kalaragi Rainforest. For years the Apes have used Pandora Discs to allow them to unlock a Bossy as a new shaman each time the old one passes away. Bossy is said to bring good luck and is thought to be able to predict rain and good crops. It becomes clear that Bossy wants the two factions to get along instead of fight for him.