Bubalook Island
is the second smallest of the seven new continents created when Pangaea separated. It is actually four separate islands, with one island being much larger than the other three. The top part of the island sits just above the equator, so it is rather dry and arid. A range of mountains runs down the spine of the mainland, and the small neighboring south-eastern island of Kawrea is nearly all mountainous, centering around a large volcano.

All three islands are home to the IMa organization, and is where most of the first and third seasons of the anime series take place. Gameplay from Monster Rancher 2 and Monster Rancher Battle Card 2 takes place here.

Aurora Island is the tiny north-eastern island that connects to a smaller island via an ancient land bridge known as Heaven's Canyon. The Secai Ruins where Genki is unlocked in seasons one and three are located on this island, along with more ruins than any other island on Pangaea. Game play from Monster Rancher Battle Card takes place here.

Kawrea is the smaller south-eastern volcanic island that is largely undeveloped. Many scientists use it as an exploration site because of the unique species of monsters that live there. Some of the game play from Monster Rancher 2, Monster Rancher 4, Monster Rancher DS and Monster Farm DS takes place here.