Canute/Master Magna
Role Legendary Breeder
Origin Monster Rancher Advance 2
Home Age Island
Game(s) Monster Rancher Advance 2

Canute is a stranger that appears on Age Island during the events of Monster Rancher Advance 2. Initially, Mr. Mardoc warns you that he could be dangerous, and sure enough he shows up on your ranch and challenges you to a sparring match.

After the fight, Canute says he is impressed with your potential, and gives you the Flare Orb (in reality a Magic Stone) as a reminder to keep striving to be the best. Though he comes off as quite a jerk at first (and Holly really dislikes him), in the end you realize he was only trying to make you stronger. He has a strange connection to the Phoenix, and appears and disappears at will.

One day, Holly asks Aroma about a bronze statue of a man that sits in the town square. She tells Holly the legend of Age Island's only legendary breeder, Magna. He was famous for his work with Phoenixes in particular, but he died very young under mysterious circumstances. Holly begins to grow suspicious of whether or not Magna is actually deceased.

When Pabs and Tesca come to Age for the Emperor's Cup, they talk about how they each entered the battle when they were younger, and recall fond memories of Magna. Then all of you witness Canute and his Phoenix beat the legendary Diva Dynast, champion of the Emperor's Cup. It is then that Canute reveals that he is indeed Magna. Because he died so young with unfinished work, the fire of the Phoenix preserved his anima and gave him a new, temporary body. After he completes his mission (pushing you to be the next legendary breeder of Age), his essence is once again consumed by the flames, but not before he says goodbye to his old friends and colleagues.

He has long blond hair and wears a long leather duster.

Monsters OwnedEdit

Debut Name Monster Description
Monster Rancher Advance 2 Apharm Durahan Used to fight you in a sparring match.
Monster Rancher Advance 2 Cathedral Phoenix Used against Dynast in the Emperor's Cup.

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