Chuparos are small chick monsters with a growing cult following. Unlike many of the other bird monsters (Falco, Raiden, Phoenix, Shigue) it looks far more underdeveloped. Its head plume looks like a question mark, which adds to the cuteness. Its round shape makes it look more like Penta or Durubado though, and there is no indication that it can fly.

Many of their sub-breeds come out with a chick or egg motif, making them less of a color-coordinated breed. They are exclusive to My Monster Rancher.

Etymology Edit


Game Description Image
My Monster Rancher "It possesses a bird-like loveliness. This monster starts out shy, but once it trusts you it will never betray that trust. Its fluffiness is getting more and more popular!" Chuparo MMR


  • To obtain a Chuparo in My Monster Rancher, use


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