This is about the anime characters. For the monster itself, see Color Pandora.

A village of Color Pandoras appears in the anime series. Unlike in the video games, the Color Pandoras in the series never split apart into their three personalities.

Season 2Edit

The small tree-top village is being terrorized by Stone Dragon, who comes and takes away the young Color Pandoras to be turned into Baddies. When the Searchers stumble upon the village, the monsters decide they have nothing left to lose and assist Genki and his team in hiding from the baddies. Genki is apalled to learn that the Color Pandoras view themselves as so weak that they don't even try to stand up to Naga's onslaughts, and so he sets about trying to rally them to fight Stone Dragon the next time that he appears. Finally, one of them decides to take a stand, and the rest eventually follow. Through the experience the whole village learns that even though they are weak separately, they are powerful as a whole.


  • Pinwheel Firework Attack


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