Columbina MMR

A bizarre breed of Pixie that wears a strange helmet to hide its face and a small cape on it shoulders. It also has ribbon-like wings that shouldn't allow it to fly, but, somehow, it still manages to.


Columbina is a stock character in the Commedia dell'Arte, a comic servant playing the tricky slave type. She is always running back and forth between two lovers.


Game Description Image
Monster Rancher EVO "There is a legend passed down in the performing world that says when this fairy appears, performers are lifted out of their slump to come up with the best performance they can think of." Columbina MREvo
Monster Farm DS
Monster Rancher DS "A legend in the entertainment world says that, no matter how washed-up the entertainer is, if Columbina pays him a visit, he'll get inspired and end a huge success." Columbina MRDS
My Monster Rancher "It wears a distinctive headpiece that looks like the head of a Piroro. It always has confidence that it will make an impact and amuse people."


  • To obtain a Columbina in Monster Rancher EVO, use the DVD .Hack//Legend of The Twilight (Vol. 1), the PS1 game Beyond The Beyond, or the CD Jackson Brown - Late for the Sky.
  • To obtain a Columbina in Monster Farm DS, use
  • To obtain a Columbina in Monster Rancher DS, combine a Pixie (main) and Piroro (sub)
  • To obtain a Columbina in My Monster Rancher, use

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