Role Rival
Origin Monster Rancher EVO
Game(s) Monster Rancher EVO

Dotty is an 18 year-old breeder who tries to prove himself by defeating Julio in the Colno city battle. Dotty wears a weird, pointed hat that makes him look like he has ears, and a patch that droops down over his left eye most of the time. He enters the tournament with his team of monsters and his breeder's assistant, Petty, calling themselves the "Violet Cats."

He decides to follow the circus across the Western Continent until he is able to defeat his chosen rival, the whole time referring to himself as "Baron Dotty" the evil genius. Although he doesn't show much promise in the personality department, Dotty does show some skill at monster breeding. He and Petty cause you a lot of trouble throughout most of the game and are responsible for removing Moo's horn from its guarded place in Mao Mao's nest. Although they do it as a prank, Dilong easily beats them and takes the horn for himself.

Once Dotty realizes how high the stakes are, he joins the performers of the Orcoro Circus to fight against the people of Warp and ends up being a big help.

Monsters OwnedEdit

Debut Name Monster Description
Monster Rancher EVO Grelo Grelo Used in the Colno Village Battle(Chptr 1), Grabad Factory Battle (Chptr 2), and in the Mao Mao Jungle (Chptr 5).
Monster Rancher EVO GigaBio GigaBio Used in the Mao Mao Jungle (Chptr 5).
Monster Rancher EVO Plant Used as part of your team once he joins you for your trip to Tochika (Chptr. 6).


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