Drill Mocchi MR4
Drill Mocchi / Mogicchi

A brown furry breed of Mocchi that has a very large drill on its head. Like a mole, it hides in its burrow when it is frightened and can move very fast despite appearances. It is later renamed, although the design stays the same.


Originally named for the large drill on its head.

Later named for its two sub-types, Mogi and Mocchi.


Game Name Description Image
Monster Rancher 4 Drill Mocchi "The Drill Mocchi is a great dancer, is up on the trends and is really particular about fashion. Despite all this, it's really shy and often hides in holes."
Monster Rancher Advance Mogicchi N/A Drill Mocchi MRA


  • To obtain a Drill Mocchi in Monster Rancher 4, use
  • To obtain a Mogicchi in Monster Rancher Advance, use the password London.


For more pictures and screenshots of Drill Mocchi, click here.

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