Ed is a slave in one of Pixie's disc mines on Ancra Island who hatches a plan with several of his friends to escape on an iron bird that they excavated. Unfortunately, they get caught in the process and Ed is the only one to escape, piloting his craft across Heaven's Canyon and crash landing in the Mandy Desert.

The Searchers find him and make a deal with him to use his iron bird to cross back the other direction, despite his warnings that Moo's forces control most of that land. Because it is in such disrepair, they start working to fix it under Ed's supervision.

It's not too long before Pixie's Kuro Troops catch up to Ed, and threaten to take him back into custody. Instead, they make him a deal; if he will sabotage the iron bird to explode, they will give him his freedom. He agrees to do it, but just as the Searchers take off his conscience overwhelms him and he tells them about the trap.

The Kuros attack, and Ed tackles Captain Kuro, sending both of them over the edge of the canyon. Luckily, Ed catches the side and is able to climb out. The Searchers leave him waving goodbye.


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