Elives School
The Elives School is a renowned Monster Breeding training school, much like a boarding school for kids who wish to become monster breeders. Three of the Monster Associations (IMa, FIMBA, and later AGIMA) participate in the school, and each pick young people who show promise each year to enroll. The school only accepts so many students though, and it is a very high-pressure environment, so many times people drop out (like Phayne in Monster Rancher 4).

A breeder does not have to have attended Elives to make it in the business, but most tournaments have special requirements for entry that are hard to meet unless you have that kind of recommendation. Elives is explained in detail in Monster Rancher Battle Card 2 and Monster Rancher 4. Its rival school is the Borgan Monster Battle Academy (BOMBA), which is more focused on monster battling technique than raising method.

Elives sponsors the Amnity Cup tournaments that you can enter in most of the games (where one Association picks a representative to fight a rep. from another association, such as IMa vs. AGIMA, AGIMA vs. FIMBA, etc.) The school is located in the city of Vizley on Age Island.

A number of years back FIMBA and IMa worked in cooperation to create a breeder school called Elives School. The school attracted talented young boys and girls, who, after graduation, joined one of the two groups, starting with official Breeder Rank E.
-"The Elives School" MR4