Tiger of The Wind
Season 1, Episode 5
Vital statistics
Air date 09/08/1999
Directed by Unknown
Japanese Title 疾風(かぜ)のライガー
Rygar of the Wind
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Tiger of the Wind is the fifth episode of Season 1 of the Monster Rancher anime series. It aired in Japan on May 15, 1999.


While venturing through the desert, the group is set upon by a pack of bandit monsters, led by the infamous Tiger of the Wind. They make off with the Magic Stone, but when Tiger's group is attacked by Moo's army, Genki and his gang show Tiger the benefits of having true loyalty.

Full RecapEdit

Holly uses the Magic Stone to find the location of the nearest Mystery Disk. The stone points down a desert canyon. While traveling through the canyon, the group has a run-in with the "Wild Bunch", a group of wild monsters led by Tiger of the Wind. After battling Genki and Mocchi, Tiger takes the Magic Stone and runs.

After the battle, Holly and Suezo track them back to their home base. They also notice that the Dinos are already there. When the "Wild Bunch" arrives home, they find their belongings scattered everywhere. The Dinos trap Tiger in a net, and make short work of the other members of the "Wild Bunch". Captain Dino notices the magic stone that Tiger dropped and steals it. He then drops Tiger over the side of a cliff. When Genki and the others arrive, they notice Tiger at the bottom of the cliff. Our heroes make camp for the night; they bring Tiger with them and bandage up his wounds. Tiger tells Holly that the Dinos took the stone. However, he refuses to accept the human's help. Genki does convince him to allow them to tend to his wounds.

Later that night Tiger finds out, from Genki, about their search for the Phoenix. Tiger tells of his own run-in with Moo, where Moo took his brother, Gray Wolf. At daybreak, Tiger parts ways with the others. Genki and the gang then make their way to the village where the Dinos are. Golem and Mocchi work to get the stone back from Captain Dino. However, as Mocchi and Genki are escaping from the Dinos, Captain Dino trips them up. At this point Tiger shows up again! He sprints pass the other Dinos and strikes Captain Dino with all his strength, turning him into a lost disk. After this, Tiger agrees to join Genki and the others on their quest!

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