After the Rain
Season 1, Episode 8
Vital statistics
Air date 09/23/1999
Directed by Unknown
Japanese Title 雨上がりの空に
After the Rain
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After the Rain is the eighth episode of Season 1 of the Monster Rancher anime series. It aired in Japan on June 5, 1999.


Holly's past is finally revealed when she shares her origin story with the gang on a miserable, rainy day. She tells of how she came to be on the quest for the Phoenix after her village was sought out by Moo's forces.

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Genki wakes up in his own world as if the world of Monster Rancher was just a dream. Just when things seem to be normal again, Genki realizes that he’s having a nightmare! His screaming wakes everyone up.

Since it’s raining, the group decides to stay under the bridge for the day. Though they already known each other, Genki still knows nothing of Holly's past. But Suezo discourages Genki for it, but Holly says it's okay. Holly decides to entertain the others and tells of the story of her village that was destroyed by Moo.

Her father had lost the election and was forced into exile. Holly is sad and goes to cry on a cliff. Her grandfather heads up to the cliff to meditate and finds red glowing pebbles flying around her. He then realizes that she has the gift...

Five years later, Holly finds her first Mystery Disc and unlocked Suezo. Soon afterwards, two years after the night she unlocks Suezo, Naga's army, under Moo's command, prepares to attack the village, and Holly's grandfather orders Holly to retreat to the cellar. Before she goes, he gives her the Magic Stone. The villagers demand Naga and his army to leave, but Naga denies-he coveted the Magic Stone for his Master. So, he orders his army to attack.

When she and Suezo emerged from the cellar the following morning, the village is devastated, and the only one left alive is Holly's grandfather, although he is fatally wounded. Holly's grandfather tells her that her father was exiled because he feared his powers. The villagers, including himself, believed that his powers would endanger the village. He changes his mind, however, saying that Holly's father would have prevented the destruction.

With one final breath, he tells Holly to find the Phoenix, which will turn all of the bad monsters into good monsters.

After Holly finishes her story, Genki states that they will succeed, and encourages everyone by dancing. Soon, the whole group is dancing in the rain!

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