My Name is Pixie
Season 1, Episode 20
Vital statistics
Air date 11/22/1999
Directed by Unknown
Japanese Title 我が名はピクシー
My Name is Pixie
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My Name is Pixie is the twentieth episode of Season 1 of the Monster Rancher anime series. It aired in Japan on August 28, 1999.


Pixie returns, and helps Genki in a battle against a group of Scaled Jells. But she and Genki become separated from the others, and when Pixie gets injured, she finds she must rely on Genki to survive. At first, she is embarrassed and angry. But Genki's compassion begins to wear away at the barrier of hatred she has built around herself.

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While traveling in a jungle, a group of Scaled Jells, sent by Gali, attack Genki's group. At the last minute, Pixie comes to save them. In the fight, Pixie and Genki fall off a cliff and are separated from the others. Pixie is too selfish to let Genki help her when she is hurt, but eventually he gains her trust and they manage to escape from the Scale Jells and quicksand.

Captain Scale Jell baits them by using a smoke signal, and Genki thinks that it is Holly and the others. The Scale Jells ambush them and ridicule Pixie for being carried by a puny human kid. She destroys them all for saying this. Pixie and Genki promise to permanently team up one day and defeat Moo.

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  • There is a short scene when Genki and Pixie get out of the quicksand where Genki laughs when he sees Pixie's face because the mud stuck to her makes her look like she has a beard. This scene was cut for the English dub.