Baby Bossy
Season 2, Episode 4
Vital statistics
Air date 09/24/2000
Directed by Unknown
Japanese Title 赤ちゃんボスは元気者
Baby Boss Is A Live Wire
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Baby Bossy is the fourth episode of Season 2 and the thirtieth overall episode of the Monster Rancher anime series. It aired in Japan on November 13, 1999.


The Searchers unlock a baby Bossy, not realizing that it is the object of worship by the nearby tribe of Apes. But when the Rock Apes kidnap Bossy for similar purposes, Genki and the gang have to figure out how to help the two warring tribes find a peaceful solution.

Full RecapEdit

The group finds themselves in a jungle, and they run across a stone door. Genki punches it, but nothing happens. Hurt from the impact, Genki sits down on a rock, which is really the trapdoor device. The stone door opens, and the Searchers travel down the tunnel.

It is a Shrine, and Holly remarks that it's a strange place for one. There is a whole shelf of red Mystery Disks, so the group unlocks one, hoping it's the Phoenix. No such luck, as it is a Bossy.

The Apes arrive, thinking that the Searchers are poachers, wanting to steal Bossy. They protest that they came down here by accident, and the Apes see Bossy and are glad to see their leader resurrected. The Apes' leader discusses that Bossy is eternally, and is always able to exist in one life or another. This means that all the red Mystery Disks are Bossy.

When the group is about to go to sleep, the Rock Apes arrive and steal Bossy and Holly, though they didn't really want her. The Apes and the Searchers follow. The Rock Apes, like their counterparts, rely on Bossy for food and shelter.

The two tribes fight, and Bossy goes to a cliffside and finds some mangoes. Holly tells them to stop fighting, that both tribes have the same problem, and that they should work together. Bossy then falls off of the cliff, and the Apes and Rock Apes form a chain to lift him back up. The tribes come to a truce, and agree to work together. It turns out that Naga destroyed the Rock Apes' village, so they had no choice but to seek refuge in the jungle. The Apes welcome them to stay.

Meanwhile, Moo's body is nearly excavated completely. Moo marvels the magnificence of it, but Pixie, secretly spying, is in awful fear of how monstrous Moo's body is. She leaves to tell the Searchers.

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