Battle in the Meadow
Season 2, Episode 7
Vital statistics
Air date 10/01/2000
Directed by Unknown
Japanese Title すすきヶ原の決闘
Duel at Susuki Field
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Episode 32: Holly's Million-Gold Smile Episode 34: The Town that Disappeared

Battle in the Meadow is the seventh episode of Season 2 and the thirty-third overall episode of the Monster Rancher anime series. It aired in Japan on December 4, 1999.


Naga sends the Tainted Cat Brothers to destroy Genki and his friends. Mocchi and Genki are separated from the group, and meet with the Tainted Cat Brothers' old mentor, Kato. Kato trains Genki and Mocchi, and together the two help the Tainted Cat Brothers realize that they were wrong to turn against their mentor.

Full RecapEdit

Naga sends the Tainted Cat Brothers to destroy the Searchers. Even Tiger and Golem cannot stand up to their overwhelming offensive power, and Genki and Mocchi are separated from the others. The Tainted Cat Brothers continue to hunt down the rest of the Searchers as Genki and Mocchi meet Kato, the Tainted Cat Brothers' old mentor. He tells of how they abandoned him and joined Moo. Kato also trains them to block any attack. When they reunite with the other Searchers, Genki defeats the Tainted Cat Brothers with his blocking armor. The brothers turn on each other for losing, and Kato stops them and relinquishes their poisoned minds to not fight but return to Kato to learn to fight honorably.

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