The Town that Disappeared
Season 2, Episode 8
Vital statistics
Air date 10/08/2000
Directed by Unknown
Japanese Title 荒野に消えた街
Vanishing Into The Wasteland
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The Town that Disappeared is the eighth episode of Season 2 and the thirty-fourth overall episode of the Monster Rancher anime series. It aired in Japan on December 11, 1999.


Naga sends his most powerful warrior, Bajarl, to destroy Genki and the others. Bajarl traps them in his jar, and only Holly and Mocchi escape. Holly then stumbles onto a ghost town that was wiped out by Bajarl. Holly reads the mayor's diary, realizing that the mayor rigged a huge rock formation above the town with explosives. She blows up the rock, trapping Bajarl and saving her friends.

Full RecapEdit

Naga has no choice but to send Bajarl, his most powerful warrior to destroy the Searchers. When he arrives, he looks very unassuming to Hare and Suezo, but Bajarl uses a jar to vaccuum up all of his enemies. Soon, Mocchi and Holly are all alone, and they run from Bajarl and stumble into a ghost town that Bajarl wiped out. Holly finds the mayor's diary that tells of Bajarl's assault, and finds out that he made a map to a path of dynamite under a rock formation overlooking the town. Mocchi holds Bajarl off and manages to get the jar, which Tiger has used Blizzard to freeze up in a method to try to escape, and leads Bajarl straight to Holly. Holly lights the explosives, and the rock formation begins to fall. Holly and Mocchi get out in the nick of time, but Bajarl is now destroyed, and Genki and the other monsters are released.

In other news, the Final Gate has been excavated by the Weeds, and Moo now merges with his body.

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