Quest for the Legend Cup
Season 3, Episode 2
Vital statistics
Air date 09/14/2001
Directed by Unknown
Japanese Title 激闘!!ルーキー杯
Fierce Fighting!! Rookie Cup
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Episode 49: Return to Monster Rancher Episode 51: Battle for the Rookie Cup

Quest for the Legend Cup is the second episode of Season 3 and the fiftieth overall episode of the Monster Rancher anime series. It aired in Japan on April 15, 2001.


Holly is determined to free her father from the disk and trap Moo inside. The three enter a city to eat and while they are there, they see Poritoka and Most in the Legend Cup competition.

Full RecapEdit

Mum Mew relays the intel about a mystery disk with a baddie's crest on it to Durahan.

Holly is in possession of the baddie mystery disk. She tries to contact it and discovers her father and Moo's soul are in it.

Holly, Mocchi, and Genki make it to a town that is holding the Legend Cup. As the tournament ends the victors are handed a reward with a real Magic Stone in it. Mocchi signs up for the next tournament to try and win the magic stone for Holly.

At the end of the day they find Suezo and Golem.

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