Disappearing Hare Line
Season 3, Episode 7
Vital statistics
Air date 09/19/2001
Directed by Unknown
Japanese Title 海に消えた円盤石
umi ni kie ta enban seki
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Episode 54: Tiger and the Mandy Cup Challenge Episode 56: Lost at Sea: Disappearance of the Mystery Disc

Disappearing Hare Line is the seventh episode of Season 3 and the fifty-fifth overall episode of the Monster Rancher anime series. It aired in Japan on May 20, 2001.


The gang becomes increasingly curious about Hare's baggage but Hare refuses to show them. But then when a small Spot Dino steals his baggage the gang gives chase and finds that the Spot Dino is an orphan living under the care of Fairy Hare, one of Hare's long lost friends.

Full RecapEdit

Mum Mew has a bad hair day. She reports to Durahan she sent out a baddie to retrieve the disk.

Spot steals Hare's bag, which leads him to an old friend, Fairy Hare. Hare reminisces of the past when him, fairy hare, and Wild Hare would steal back all the things the Baddies would steal.

The gang sees Fairy Hare is out of food for the young children and monsters. They hatch a plan to obtain more food. In the process Wild Hare bumps into them. The whole hare gang is reunited.

Wild Hare tells them there is food in the baddie warehouse. The 3 hares sneak out at night to take the goods. The hare gang becomes ensnared in the Black Weeds traps. Genki's gang rushes over. Holly trades the mystery disk for the 3 hares. As the trade is made Hare rushes over to snatch the disk back, but in the process Wild Hare holds Fairy Hare hostage, revealing his baddie crest.

Hare and Fairy Hare convince Wild Hare to turn from his bad ways. Genki gets the disk back from the baddies. Hare says farewell to his friends. And the gang moves on.

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