Ghost Encounters of the Pirate Kind
Season 3, Episode 14
Vital statistics
Air date 09/26/2001
Directed by Unknown
Japanese Title Unknown
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Episode 61: Pink Jam to the Rescue Episode 63: The World Monster Cup: Naga Returns

Ghost Encounters of the Pirate Kind is the fourteenth episode of Season 3 and the sixty-second overall episode of the Monster Rancher anime series. It aired in Japan on July 8, 2001.


The gang meets up with Captain Horn, who lost his pirate ship mysteriously one night! Also, they hear about the legend of a phantom ship in these parts of the ocean. So they decided to help find Horn's ship. Surely, they found the ship alright but it is anything but empty!

Full RecapEdit

Genki and the gang, with Golem by their side, need to find a huge boat in order to get to the other side of the sea. They meet Horn, whose boat was stolen, and somehow, they manage to get a raft which led them to where the boat was. Unfortunately, the boat is occupied with Ghosts, who are also Baddies and trying to steal the treasures within. The gang faces difficulty on beating them, but Suezo manages to confront them through singing. The Ghosts flee, and the boat is safe, except that the gang almost forgets to untie the ropes that hold the steering wheels tight.

Featured CharactersEdit

Featured MonstersEdit


  • A shot of Mum Mew having nosebleed due to the corset bouncing off Gobi and hitting her face is omitted from the English Dub. The moment that Mum Mew's corset hit Poison's face is also replaced by comedic special effect.
  • The music playing during the ghost scenes resembles the Ghostbusters theme song.


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