Mum Mew Risks It All
Season 3, Episode 21
Vital statistics
Air date 10/03/2001
Directed by Unknown
Japanese Title ママニャーの危険な賭け
Mama Nyaa's Dangerous Bet
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Episode 68: Battling Granity Episode 70: The Legend Cup: Mocchi vs. Poritoka

Mum Mew Risks It All is the twenty-first episode of Season 3 and the sixty-ninth overall episode of the Monster Rancher anime series. It aired in Japan on August 26, 2001.


Mum Mew, Gobi and Captain Weed try to capture the gang by issuing wanted posters.

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Mum Mew, Gobi, and Weed go to take the Mystery Disk from Genki and the others, taking their mission seriously for once. They listen in and hear that Holly wants the Magic Stone in the Legend Cup to release her father from the Mystery Disk. Seeing a wanted poster for a bank robber, Mum Mew creates her own wanted poster for the Searchers, offering 10,000 golds to whoever turns them over to her.

The Searchers find a hotel, where the owner says it's Customer Appreciation Day and won't charge them. He and his Fairy Hopper give them spiked juice that makes them fall asleep. The man tells Mum Mew that he got the Searchers and asks for his money. When Mum Mew, Gobi, and Weed reveal themselves as Baddies, the man sends two Angolmor after them. Gobi defeats them, but is easily defeated in turn by Fairy Hopper. The evil trio's attempts to escape are unsuccessful, and the man activates a cannon on top of his hotel to attack them before trapping them in a cage, turning his hotel into a tank, and trying to run them over, at which point Mum Mew agrees to pay him.

As they do not have 10,000 golds, Mum Mew, Gobi, and Weed try to rob a bank, but are foiled by the bank robber from the wanted poster as he robs the bank. When the robber insults Mum Mew, she becomes enraged and defeats all his monsters. The robber is captured, and Mum Mew, Gobi, and Weed receive a reward of 10,000 golds, which they pay to the hotel owner. He directs the three Baddies upstairs, only for them to discover that the Searchers have already awoken and left.

Mum Mew, Gobi, and Weed return to General Durahan and Poison with nothing more than a thank-you note from the mayor, but Durahan now knows that a Magic Stone is the prize of the Legend Cup and plans to steal it from them after they get it.

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