are a key component in Monster Rancher 2, Monster Farm DS and Monster Rancher DS. Although they are similar to expeditions in that you travel to a certain location and use your monster's Life to travel through the course, often your monster is sent off on its own and tested using obstacles. This can give your monster Stat Gains and eventually help it to learn new Techniques.

In Monster Rancher 2, your monster travels along a set path that has 3 or 4 parts to it and you play as the monster, completing tasks along the way. At the end of the errantry there is usually a boss monster to defeat.

In the DS games, errantries are called Drills (which is a bit confusing, but oh well!) and your monster can travel across spaces on a map by rolling dice to see how far it can go, much like the spaces on a board game. The map changes depending on which of the four seasons you drill your monster during.

Errantry LocationsEdit

Mandy Desert (MR2): Teaches "Heavy" moves and increases Power.

Parepare Jungle (MR2): Teaches "Withering" moves and increases Intelligence.

Papas (MR2): Teaches "Sharp" moves and increases Speed.

Torble Sea (MR2): Teaches "Hit" moves and increases Accuracy.

Island of Kawrea (MR2 & MRDS): Teaches "Special" moves in MR2 and requires you be of B Class or higher. Best in Fall and Spring on MRDS.

Trigonon Forest (MFDS & MRDS): Best in Winter.

Ugalu Woods (MFDS & MRDS): Best in Spring.

Erips Ice Ridge (MFDS & MRDS): Best in Fall.

Gupuka Bay (MFDS & MRDS): Best in Summer.

Dendron Ruins (MFDS & MRDS): Best in Summer.


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