Evil Hare Troops
Evil Hare Troops
Role Villains
Origin Episode 07: The Courageous Seven
Home Unknown
Episode(s) Episode 07: The Courageous Seven
Episode 14: Holly's Rescue
Episode 17: Underground Adventure
Episode 68: Battling Granity

This is about the anime characters. For the monster itself, see Evil Hare.

Evil Hares are seen frequently throughout the anime series as baddies that first work for Pixie, then Gali, and later for Durahan.

Season 1Edit

They first attack the Searchers as they are nearing Pixie's territory, threatening to break down a dam and destroy the village beneath it to teach Genki and his team a lesson. This is the only time that Captain Evil Hare is seen, and no explanation is given as to what happened to him.

Several Evil Hares are seen in Moo's Floating Castle when the team rescues Holly, and many are seen in flashbacks as baddies who help attack villages.

After Pixie leaves Moo's army, the Evil Hares fall under the command of Gali, who sends them (under the command of Joker) to attack the Searchers in a cave once they arrive in RemaHare learns a new attack that leaves the Evil Hares scrambling to escape a cave-in. After this, their numbers are greatly decreased.

Season 2Edit

The next time we see them is when Lilim hatches a plot to use Jagd Hound to attack the Searchers. She enlists the help of the remaining Evil Hares, and together they kidnap a baby. Jagd Hound ends up killing one to use as a decoy Lost Disc, but the rest flee with Lilim.

Season 3Edit

Apparently some of the Evil Hares remained loyal to Durahan after Moo's destruction, and they help Metalner attack the Searchers, surrounding them on all sides as they pass through the mountains. At the end of the season when Moo's soul is finally destroyed, the Evil Hares are shown being freed of their baddie crests.


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