Exploring is a feature available in nearly every Monster Rancher game, although sometimes they are called Safaris (Monster Farm DS). They can be easily confused with errantries a separate game feature where monsters go out on their own. On expeditions, breeders can accompany their monsters, and it is a good way to find rare items, meet wild monsters, and complete storyline elements. The distance you can travel on a expedition is determined by the amount of Life your monster has. Breeders should get back to base camp before the Energy gauge runs out, or the expedition will fail. Most games have one or two expedition locations that are not available at the beginning of the game and must be unlocked when your rank is high enough.

In Monster Rancher 3, there are not really any special places to explore, since this technically takes place before the Monster Associations were created. Instead, you can search the area that you are currently living in.

In Monster Rancher 4 and Monster Rancher EVO, a new type of expedition was introduced that combined storyline elements and errantry benefits. These adventures tie in to the storyline and are triggered automatically. You cannot simply jump into an adventure whenever you want like in the other games, so they are not listed here as expedition locations.

Exploring is not an option in Monster Rancher Advance.

Expedition / Safari LocationsEdit

Reno Ruins (MR1):

Hartville (MR1):

Titus Temple (MR1):

Parepare Jungle (MR2): Life must be over 150 and Fame of 50 to be invited on Oct. 1st. Must have first gone to Kawrea.

Torles Mountains (MR2): Life must be over 210 and Fame of 50 to be invited on Feb. 1st. Must have first gone to Kawrea.

Kawrea Mountains (MR2, MR4): 1st time in MR2, Rank must be above 2, Class D, and Fame of 50 to be invited on June 1st. 2nd time in MR2, Life must be over 280 and Class B to be invited on June 1st.

Morx Forest (MR3): Available from the beginning of the game.

Takrama Desert (MR3): Requires 6 Tourney Points to open.

Goat (MR3): Requires 18 Tourney Points to open.

Brillia (MR3): Requires 12 Tourney Points to open.

Kalaragi Rainforest (MR3, MR4, MFDS): Requires 6 Tourney Points to open in MR3.

Togle Caves (MR4):

Promiass Ruins (MR4, Adv2, MFDS):

Malkt Ruins (Adv2):

Tapota Jungle (Adv2):

Angsworth Road (MFDS):

Murmouge Coast (MFDS):

Papas Alps (MFDS):

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