FIMBA symbol
FIMBA was the first monster battle organization to be created, and mostly centers on the Eastern Continent. FIMBA stands for the Fraternal International Monster Breeders' Association and is known to stress the pursuit of knowledge and the sharing of discoveries. There is far less personal competition between individual breeders in FIMBA than in its counterpart, IMa. One of FIMBA's main chairmen is the renowned explorer and archaeologist, Mr. Karnab, and one of its most famous instructors is Tesca (who taught Holly).

Later, FIMBA, IMa and AGIMA worked together to create a school where all of the organizations could intermingle and learn from each other, called the Elives School. The games that include FIMBA are: Monster Rancher 1 and Monster Rancher 4. Its headquarters is in the city of Ryuwn.

FIMBA is the oldest existing organization, and this group is dedicated to monster culture. Most of the famous breeders we known are from FIMBA, but in recent years IMa, through the use of Training Gadgets, has excelled in strengthening monsters for battles. As a result, many young breeders prefer to join IMa over FIMBA.
-"Regarding FIMBA," MR4


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