Fairy Hare
Fairy Hare (Anime)
Role Bandit


Origin Episode 55: Disappearing Hare Line
Home Torles Mission
Episode(s) Episode 55: Disappearing Hare Line

This is about the anime character. For the monster itself, see Fairy Hare.

Fairy Hare appears in the third season of the anime series as the caretaker of an orphanage set up inside a mission. Hare recognizes her from his past.

Fairy Hare and Hare used to be part of a Robin Hood-like gang that stole from the Baddies and returned those things to their rightful owners, organized by Wild Hare. Eventually, Wild Hare developed a crush on Fairy Hare, but mistakenly thought that she and Hare were in love. His jealousy over that thought eventually drove him to leave the group, and they disbanded. Hare sought fame in monster battles, and Fairy Hare began humanitarian work.

Season 3Edit