Falco MMR

Falcos are muscle-bound, humanoid bird monsters introduced in Monster Farm DS. The basic design is reminiscent of Egyptian brick, and when used in combining, the sub-breeds often have a distinctly Egyptian appearance, involving mummies or hieroglyphics. They're not quite as big as Golems, but they're still pretty large.

Falcos have a connection with the Abyss, another Egyptian monster family. Because Falcos are light monsters (related to Horus, the god of sun/life) and the Abyss are dark monsters (related to Anubis, the god of shadows/death), their powers counteract each other, much like Gali and Joker.

A breed of monsters known as Musculus appear in Monster Farm Online and Monster Farm Lagoon, and bear a strong resemblance to the Falco breed. Because of this, they have been listed under this family.


The name Falco obviously comes from the fact that it looks like a falcon, but the design is based on Horus, one of the oldest and widely-known Egyptian deities. He looks like a man with a falcon head, and is known as the lesser god of the sun and of life.


Game Name Description Image
Monster Farm DS Falco FalcoMFDS
Monster Rancher DS Falco
Monster Farm Online Musculus Non-playable Enemy Monster Musculus
Monster Farm Lagoon Musculus Non-playable Enemy Monster
My Monster Rancher


"A half-bird half-man monster. It's a strong and powerful creature with a gentle personality. Falco dolls are popular, with limited edition versions fetching high prices."


  • To obtain a Falco in Monster Farm DS, use
  • To obtain a Falco in Monster Rancher DS, use , but only after receiving the 1st stable upgrade from Bancho.
  • To obtain a Falco in My Monster Rancher, use


See here for a complete list of Falco Techniques.


For more pictures and screenshots of Falco, click here.

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