Falco MMR

Falcos are muscle-bound, humanoid bird monsters introduced in Monster Farm DS. The basic design is reminiscent of Egyptian brick, and when used in combining, the sub-breeds often have a distinctly Egyptian appearance, involving mummies or hieroglyphics. They're not quite as big as Golems, but they're still pretty large.

Falcos have a connection with the Abyss, another Egyptian monster family. Because Falcos are light monsters (related to Horus, the god of sun/life) and the Abyss are dark monsters (related to Anubis, the god of shadows/death), their powers counteract each other, much like Gali and Joker.

A breed of monsters known as Musculus appear in Monster Farm Online and Monster Farm Lagoon, and bear a strong resemblance to the Falco breed. Because of this, they have been listed under this family.


The name Falco obviously comes from the fact that it looks like a falcon, but the design is based on Horus, one of the oldest and widely-known Egyptian deities. He looks like a man with a falcon head, and is known as the lesser god of the sun and of life.


Game Name Description Image
Monster Farm DS Falco FalcoMFDS
Monster Rancher DS Falco "Falco is a gentle, yet powerful monster with a passion for peace and justice. The younger crowd looks up to it for its bold character."
Monster Farm Online Musculus Non-playable Enemy Monster Musculus
Monster Farm Lagoon Musculus Non-playable Enemy Monster
My Monster Rancher


"A half-bird half-man monster. It's a strong and powerful creature with a gentle personality. Falco dolls are popular, with limited edition versions fetching high prices."


  • To obtain a Falco in Monster Farm DS, use
  • To obtain a Falco in Monster Rancher DS, use , but only after receiving the 1st stable upgrade from Bancho.
  • To obtain a Falco in My Monster Rancher, use


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