Fukazo MR4

An aquatic breed of Suezo that has a dorsal fin on its head like a shark. It has a Lesione sub-type in most game installments, but in Monster Rancher 3, monsters are classified according to where they live. Fukazos live in the ocean region known as Goat.

In My Monster Rancher, its name is accidentally spelled "Fuzako".

Etymology Edit

Its name is a combination of the words fuka (フカ), one of the Japanese words for "shark", and Suezo.


Game Name Description Image
Monster Rancher 3 Fukazo (???) "Fukazo is often mistaken for a shark, and this makes it angry. When it's angry, it is much scarier than any measly shark!" Fukazo MR3
Monster Rancher 4 Fukazo (Lesione) "It loves ocean swimming, but it's sad when everybody runs away when it shows up on the beach. If that's the way it feels, it shouldn't go around biting people!"
Monster Rancher EVO Fukazo (Lesione) "It really loves the ocean, but when it's swimming everyone tends to move out of the way. If it doesn't want everyone to leave, it should stop biting people." Fukazo MREvo
Monster Rancher Advance Fukazo (Lesione) N/A Fukazo MRA
Monster Rancher Advance 2 Fukazo (Lesione) N/A Fukazo MRA2
Monster Farm DS Fukazo (Lesione) Fukazo MFDS
Monster Rancher DS Fukazo (Lesione) "Fukazo loves to swim in public swimming areas, but sadly everyone leaves whenever it comes around. Why could that be?"
My Monster Rancher Fuzako (Lesione) "On the surface it is rather meek and obedient, but deep down it feels it is the greatest of the Suezos." Fukazo MMR


  • To obtain a Fukazo in Monster Rancher 3, use
  • To obtain a Fukazo in Monster Rancher 4, use
  • To obtain a Fukazo in Monster Rancher EVO, use
  • To obtain a Fukazo in Monster Rancher Advance, use the password Tee.
  • To obtain a Fukazo in Monster Rancher Advance 2, use the password WWW.
  • To obtain a Fukazo in Monster Farm DS, use
  • To obtain a Fukazo in Monster Rancher DS, combine a Suezo (main) and a Lesione (sub).
  • To obtain a Fuzako in My Monster Rancher, use


For more pictures and screenshots of Fukazo, click here.

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