Role Rival
Legendary Breeder
Origin Monster Rancher 3
Home Tochika
Game(s) Monster Rancher 3

Monster Rancher Advance 2 (mentioned)
Monster Rancher 4 (mentioned)

Gadamon is a powerful Tochikan breeder who is your main rival in Monster Rancher 3. She was one of the first famous monster battlers and is now worshipped as a goddess of war in some parts of Pangaea. In Monster Rancher 1, you can find a statue of her (in a temple dedicated to her near Hartville) that can give your monster stat gains when combining.

Her main monster partner is a Fleece named Galaha, but she displays a large array of monsters throughout the game. She became a monster breeder not too long before Fleria, and she picks on the younger girl quite a bit, although it is assumed that eventually the two grow up and make peace with one another.

Because of her impatience and ambition, Gadamon often finds herself on the wrong side of conflicts and has to learn from her mistakes. For a while, she travels around the Takrama Desert, using her Golem to challenge breeders to matches that ultimately injure their monsters, so people fear her. The people there begin to suspect Master Lus, but you are able to clear his name. Later, she also gets mixed up with the scientist Nahze while they both search for ways to artificially make their monsters stronger for a competitive edge.

Monsters OwnedEdit

Debut Name Monster Description
Monster Rancher 3 Galaha Fleece
Monster Rancher 3 Galrus Merman Rank E. Used in the Tochikan Festa.
Monster Rancher 3 Ganail Naga Wears a spiked collar around its neck.
Monster Rancher 3 Bold Win Golem
Monster Rancher 3 Metanix Made for her by Nahze, used to attack Maya.

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