Gali's Palace
Gali lives in a large sandstone palace in the middle of the Takrama Desert, somewhere near Silk City. He attacks the Searchers with a sandstorm and carries them into his palace courtyard. Although surrounded by arid land, he has large fountains and gardens inside the courtyard that alert us to the fact that he loves beauty.

The inside of the building is covered in marble, tapestries, and golden sun designs. The outside has large turrets like an Arabian palace. Though it was built for beauty, his entire palace is also set up with traps that make it almost like a fun house. Panels in the floor open; Sandys hide in the walls and ceiling; and large boulders roll through the passageways to flatten victims.

In his lavish dining hall, the room is built to be sealed off and filled with sand, and the floor opens into a holding pit for prisoners.


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