Master Gali
Role Big Bad Four member
Tourney Opponent
Origin Episode 07: The Courageous Seven
Home Gali's Palace
Episode(s) Episode 07: The Courageous Seven

In the anime series, Gali is one of Master Moo's Big Bad Four, and the most cunning member of the quartet. He tries to use reasoning with the Searchers and figure out how to best manipulate them, and, when that doesn't work, he often resorts to trickery. He lives at a large sand castle and is in charge of the south of the Northern Continent.

Season 1Edit

Once his servants were defeated in Episode 21, the Searchers finally find his palace in the desert. He tells them that they don't need to fight because he is outnumbered, and gives them food. When their guards are down, he summons the Sandys and drains the team's energy by using his "Gali Finale" attack. Only Mocchi escapes, and after avoiding the traps in Gali's castle, comes back to beat him in a battle. Mocchi learns his new "Mocchi Cannon" attack, and blows Gali up, toppling his castle in the process.

Season 3Edit

Gali has been resurrected by the Phoenix as a good guy, although Poison tries to convince him to team up with General Durahan and become a baddie again. Gali has already been entering tournaments in an attempt to regain his lost techniques, and so he enters a battle partnered with one of his Sandys, whom Mocchi defeats. Gali fights Naga (who is now also a purified monster) and gains the advantage, until Suezo sends Naga his energy, allowing him to win the match. Afterward, Gali saves the group from one of Poison's ambushes, proving that he really is good after all.


  • Gali Finale (Spirit Smash)
  • Gali Strike (Spirit Punch)
  • Fire Wall
  • Spin Cutter (Flying Mask)
  • Gali Press (Giant Thwack)
  • Gali Punch (Giant Blow)
  • Straight
  • Gali Hurricane (Hurricane)


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Video Games For the monster breed, see Gali.


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