Role Plot Device


Origin Monster Rancher Advance 2
Home Age Island
Game(s) Monster Rancher Advance 2

Gavin is a middle-aged freelance monster training coach, who travels around Age Island looking for work. When he first appears on your ranch in Monster Rancher Advance 2, he asks for shelter for the night, but eventually convinces you to hire he and his monsters as your coach and they end up staying with you for quite a while.

Gavin is also the one to tell you about the special tournament called the Death Blow, which is only available to Breeders at C Rank or above after they have entered the four qualifying tournaments. He sets about getting your ready for it.

Once you get to C Rank, Gavin decides it's time to move on. Later he returns for a visit and tells you and Holly that you've inspired him to put down roots of his own and begin breeding his own monsters. He promises to face you in the next AGIMA tournament as a friendly opponent.

Monsters OwnedEdit

Debut Name Monster Description
Monster Rancher Advance 2 Strong Geo Used as your first coach

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