Kawrea Volcano
The Gemini Volcano (also simply known as the Kawrea Volcano or Mt. Kawrea) rests on the island of Kawrea, and is one place famous for Phoenix regeneration. This is an errantry location in Monster Rancher 2 and Monster Rancher DS. The volcano is also mentioned in Monster Rancher 4 and My Monster Rancher.

The volcano recieved its name because its location on the island mirrors that of Mt. Albista on Bubalook Island, making the two look like "twin peaks." They are both sites linked to the worship of the Gemini gods.

MR2 level bosses in this area include Magma Heart, Punisher, and Blue Phoenix and the MMR level boss is General Death.

The Kawrea Volcano: This special place is believed to be the location where the Phoenix dies and is reborn.
-"Cox's File #5, Part 1" MR4

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